Provide the most natural and suitable dietary formula for pets

Naturea was founded in Portugal in 2010. Our goal is to set a new global benchmark for pet food. Naturally Appropriate means natural suitability, which aims to formulate pet food more in line with the natural physiological needs of pets and more closely to their natural eating habits, that is, animal protein as the main ingredient, and human consumption grade meat and fish. The formula can provide all breeds, all ages and all-round nutritional needs for cats and dogs. All raw materials are strictly selected, and all traceable ingredients are used in the EU, in order to provide the most secure, high-quality and comprehensive pet food
Lands cat & kitten
Whole Cat Recipe
Crude protein 38%
Crude fat 20%
Crude fiber 3%
Moisture 7%
Carbohydrates 23.5%
Ash 8.5%
Calcium 0.98%
Phosphorus 0.87%